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Everything you need to know about Kakao

Welcome to the FAQ section of Kakao, your ultimate destination for video content. Here, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick and comprehensive answers.

Can I watch videos offline on Kakao?

Yes, Kakao offers an offline viewing feature. Simply select the download option for the desired video, and you can watch it without an internet connection.

How can I upload my own videos to Kakao?

Kakao currently does not support user-uploaded videos. We curate and offer a wide range of high-quality videos for your enjoyment.

How do I report an issue with a video on Kakao?

If you encounter any issues with a video, such as playback problems or inappropriate content, please use the "Report" feature to notify our support team.

Can I share videos from Kakao on social media?

Yes, Kakao provides sharing options for popular social media platforms. Simply click on the share icon beneath the video player and choose your desired platform.

Can I create playlists on Kakao?

Yes, Kakao allows you to create personalized playlists. Simply click on the "Add to Playlist" button beneath a video and choose an existing playlist or create a new one.

Can I watch live streams on Kakao?

At this time, Kakao does not offer live streaming services. We focus on providing pre-recorded videos for on-demand viewing.

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