Explore How We Brought the Westin Bayshore Hotel to Life Through Our Lens

Our expert cinematographer and videographers at VPV Video Productions in Vancouver created this introductory video for The Westin Bayshore hotel to highlight its commitment to wellness, sustainability, and luxury. Featuring stunning footage of the hotel's natural surroundings, fitness facilities, and meeting spaces, the video shows how guests can feel revitalized and inspired. We also showcase curated experiences, dining options, and dedicated Event Specialists, demonstrating how families can connect with Vancouver's culture and enjoy memorable moments at this resort-style hotel.

Picturesque Poolside Activities

Highlighting the vibrant poolside scene, our footage vividly illustrates The Westin Bayshore's activities for wellness and repose. From the unique Liquid Yoga program — an exclusive year-round fitness offering available only at The Westin Bayshore — to family-friendly fun and indulging in poolside ice cream, we capture the diverse range of activities available for guests of all ages.

Barrel sauna & heated pool

We reveal the inviting indoor and outdoor pools, crafted for a rejuvenating experience, alongside the cedar wood barrel saunas that offer a true West Coast ambiance with their fragrant interiors and views of Vancouver’s stunning natural landscape. This segment displays The Westin Bayshore's dedication to creating the ultimate environment for a serene escape.

refreshing drinks at the pool bar

Our attention turns to the poolside refreshments as we highlight how The Westin Bayshore delivers Vancouver's vibrant culture and hospitality with a touch of elegant leisure. Here, guests can indulge in a diverse array of beverages from the bar and beverage truck, while fostering unforgettable moments with loved ones amidst the hotel's picturesque surroundings.

contemporary cuisine & curated cocktails

Closing with the modern dining experience and curated beverages available, we invite guests to savour the diverse flavours of Vancouver without needing to leave the lobby through our footage. With an upscale restaurant and cocktail bar that encapsulates the city's renowned culinary scene, we portray The Westin Bayshore's offering of a memorable gastronomic journey that reflects its luxury and sophistication.

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